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Booking your Wedding and finding the best photographer can be stressful. How much does a wedding photographer cost in Sheffield? Here is my breakdown and what to expect from your wedding day photography.

Sheffield Based Photographers
Sheffield Based Photographers

Wedding Photography for your big day that is worth investing in. You will want to look back on these photos for years to come.

Picking the right photographer
is such an important decision. There are many different options. It can be difficult to judge how much a wedding photographer should cost.

Image: Wadkin Photography

Sheffield Wedding ideas
Sheffield Wedding ideas

So, how Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost?
Wadkin -Photography says to expect costs starting from £750 for the full day. Anything less and I would be worried that maybe the photographer doesn’t have the correct experience to cover your day.
For a full day’s coverage, I would expect you to get 350+ fully edited images on USB.

Wortley Hall Hotel
Weddings at Wortley Hall Hotel

Wedding Photographer Kevin Wadkin recommends that you set aside 10% of your budget. At the end of the day.
With the average Wedding in South Yorkshire costing £15,000, setting aside 10% for your photography budget works out at £1,500.

Half Day coverage

Some photographers offer an hourly rate and can charge for as little as 4 hours coverage.
Half day coverage with all images on a USB will cost around £550


For less than £1,000 your photographer might be relatively new to the industry or it could be because of location.
A price less than £1,000 doesn’t mean there no good, but it takes experience to get all those special moments. You should ask how many weddings they have shot and check there work on there website.

£750 – £1150
For £1,000 to £1,200, you can often get exactly the same package as above, but with a large wedding album and framed prints. 
Always check exactly what a photographer’s package includes. They might charge £1,200 but the standard coverage is only until the end of the first dance.

Image: Wadkin Photography

Wortley Hall Weddings
Sheffield Based Photographers

Ahead of the wedding you should expect a pre-wedding consultation. This is essential for the photographer to know and will help you feel more comfortable with them on the day.

Get some inspiration from these Amazing wedding photos you’ll want to recreate!



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